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Our Vision

Oriental Remedies Inc. (Ori) is all about the beginning of a series of improvements to your health and wellness. Incorporating the names of our founders in 源自梁藥 displays our commitment and beliefs. As a Social Enterprise, we aim to broaden the reach of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) and bring affordable healthcare to the masses. We are a Ministry of Health Traditional Chinese Medicine Practitioners Board registered entity.

Oriental Remedies Inc. aims to marry the below to provide the best holistic care for our patients:

1) Healing powers of Traditional Chinese Medicine ( TCM) backed by thousands of years of research

2) Modern diagnostics using quantum technology to accurately pinpoint areas of wellness concerns in your body

3) Natural healing remedies – Chinese medical treatments ranging from herbal remedies, acupuncture, cupping, scrapping (gua sha) and negative ions – we believe in getting to the root of the cause(s) of deficiencies.

Our Lead Physician

Our lead physician, Physician Leong Weizhen is an effectively bilingual born and bred Singaporean. Being trained in biomedical science in her tertiary education and then gaining a scholarship to study TCM in Beijing University with a renowned mentor, she is able to explain TCM in a scientific way to modern folks. On top of that, her clinical experience in Dong Fang Hospital, Beijing, gave her insights into a wide variety of real life medical conditions which is hard to learn from textbooks.

– Degree and Masters, from Beijing University of Chinese medicine – Msc (TCM) Bsc (TCM)

– Degree (Biomedical science) from NTU – Bsc

– Lecturer (Ngee Ann Polytechnic)

Traditional Methods. Modern Interpretation.

To ensure completely accurate diagnosis and also healing remedies, Physician Leong Weizhen invested in a Quantum Resonance Magnetic (QSM) scan diagnostic device. This device is derived from TCM theories that our body’s internal wellbeing is being reflected as bionic data like signals to indicate our condition. Other common bionic data test are like pulse reading, hand/foot reflex diagnostics, tongue reading. QSM relies on EM waves emitted by the human body to determine the different conditions of human body, such as healthy, sub-health or illness. In other words, this device reveals underlying conditions in your body that might not manifest in traditional illnesses or blood work yet.

We are proud to be the first and only practitioner providing Electro-Lymphatic Therapy (ELT) in Singapore. For more information on this groundbreaking technology for effective lymphatic drainage, you can read more here.

Negative Ions Therapy – is also available in the clinic. This device is registered as a medical device in Japan and Dubai, and is a natural way to get the therapeutic dose of anti-oxidants via the skin. Negative Ions are also conveniently made available to our patients via Negative Ion Clothes.

We continue to be on the look out for high-tech devices that can further the wellness of our patients, enhancing traditional TCM with modern technology, given our biomedical training.

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