Integrative diagnostic for better wellbeing?

Are your main concerns not picked up?

Many diagnostic tests conducted at the hospital may indicate that we are healthy despite our symptoms like pain, numbness, lethargy, general sense of being uncomfortable. That is because these test are tuned for disease diagnostics.

Alternatively, you have a nagging issue but the check up scheduled at the polyclinic or government hospital is 1 month away. While you wait, the GPs can only give you painkillers or generic medication to tide over. What else could you have done for yourself?

What Quantum Resonance Magnetic Scan can do for you?

To know if your body is currently in Healthy, Sub-health or Illness state, you have to receive signals from cellular activities. Providing an objective view of inner body’s imbalances.

Quantum Resonance Magnetic (QRM) scan is derived from TCM theories that our body’s internal wellbeing is being reflected as bionic data like wave-like signals to indicate our condition. Other common bionic data test are like pulse reading, hand/foot reflex diagnostics, tongue reading. QSM relies on EM waves emitted by the human body to determine the different conditions of human body, such as healthy, sub-health or illness. World Health Organisation has stated that up to 75% of world population are in sub-health state.

Benefits of QRM

  1. Accurate diagnosis – Derived from TCM theories to reflect our body’s internal conditions
  2. Fast and convenient – Holistic, non-invasive and painless
  3. Personalized detailed health report for you to action on – 35 different organ reports

Life cultivation for yourself

In TCM, we are only concerned with treatment of illnesses, but also taking precautionary measures before our health deteriorates. This idea of prevention is known as life cultivation, 养生.

Our registered TCM physician will also give her professional advice to help guide you on healthier lifestyle, dietary advice, negative ion accessories, acupressure massage and exercise tips.


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